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Holy Ten apologises to Winky D after being attacked


Controversial rapper Holy Ten is crying foul after he was attacked during his live show in Zvishavane over the weekend.

The rapper, born Mukudzeyi Chitsama, has been on the road to promote his latest album, Risky Life 2, which he dropped on 10 February 2024. The album features jams like Banga, Secondary School, Sorry Boss and Baba Vasina Basa.

Risky Life 2 has been doing well on streaming sites like YouTube. Holy Ten has been dominating Zimbabwe charts on Apple Music since he released the album last month.

The positive reviews from these streaming platforms suggested the public received Risky Life 2 well. However, his experience over the weekend unearthed a glaring disconnect.

The rapper touched down in the Midlands and rocked the crowd in Zvishavane. However, not all remained rosy. Deep into his performance, the fans turned against him and started throwing missiles on stage. It is still unclear why they pelted the rapper.

In a viral video on Instagram, the furious mob were chasing the rapper outside the venue, and they attacked him. The person shooting the video can be heard yelling, “Holy Ten anouraiwa uyu [Holy Ten could be killed.]”

Holy Ten later dropped a video complaining about the Zvishavane incident, he also shared pictures of his tour vehicle’s windows smashed and vandalised. He expressed pain at people trying to destroy his brand even after he walked the Risky Life 2 journey with no help. Holy Ten also alleged that the violence in Zvishavane was an act of sabotage. Listen to him below.

Zimbos online shared mixed sentiments about the attack on Holy Ten in Zvishavane.


“In Zvishavane he was a disaster. One Big Question: does Holy Ten ne team rake do ma rehearsals.”


“Akada kuimba 30 minutes imajeniii.”


“I live in Zvishavane. Only Winky D and Alick Macheso are respected here. Even Soul Jah Love chaiye was clapped kuno. People here don’t want nonsense. I did not attend the show but, we hear pakaclappwa munhu.”


“It’s clear kuti ndiye angaafambirwa nevanhu????????”


“Munorwadziwa nechipo chemujaya muchafa muchingochema chema isuuu tichi enjoya message yakee zvedu.


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