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Drama Queen Raviro Munodawafa reported to be suffering from bipolar


Drama queen bares soul . . . Hits out at flaker, declares mental disorder

MUTARE social media drama queen — Raviro Munodawafa — who recently hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons when she exposed her married ex-boyfriend after he failed to pitch up for a date at a city lodge has turned out to be a bipolar disorder patient in dire need of help.

A qualified nurse and holder of Nursing Midwifery and Bachelors of Science Nursing Degree, Munodawafa was once employed at revered health institutions in Mutare and Murambinda before hitting hard times.

Munodawafa is not a stranger to controversy, especially on social media platforms where she posts countless episodes of her dramatic life experiences.

Not so long ago, she caught the attention of all and sundry after posting a sexually explicit video clip exuding how well connected she was to high offices, coupled with her insatiable appetite for sex-for-financial gains.

In the obscene clip, Munodawafa emphatically stated that she does not come cheap.

However, in her latest clip, she is seen forcing her way into a lodge in Mutare where her ex-married boyfriend, Tawanda Sasha Musarira was presumably booked.

Musarira turned flaker after ostensibly having a sudden change of heart about the date.

In widely used contemporary street lingo, a flaker is someone who fails to meet commitments or who shows interest, but then fails to follow through.

Yelling on top of her voice, Munodawafa is further seen pleading for “just US$10 to pay the taxi driver” who had driven her to the lodge.

In a one-hour long Morning Call Diamond FM Radio show on Tuesday, Munowafa opened up on the botched date with Musarira.

“He called me around 5am and asked me to come to the lodge where he was booked together with his workmates. He said I should come early so that his workmates would not see me getting in. We communicated again when I left home.

“His phone was suddenly unreachable when I got to the place. The security guard slightly opened the gate when I started knocking loudly as I was agitated. I pushed him aside and he fell to the ground as I made my way into the lodge.

“I shouted that Sasha must come out since he had invited me. I was shouting and knocking at the door with vigour until a certain man I suspect to be his workmate came out and I pleaded for US$10 to pay the taxi driver to get me back home.

“The man pleaded with me not to cause a scene and he gave me the US$10. I did all that because I knew Sasha had more to lose than me,” she said.

She said Musarira was the best of all her ex-boyfriends, before accusing him of using juju to hoodwink women, including his wife.

“We were in love with Sasha, but I moved on when he got married to a sugar mummy. He married a rich woman, but we would see each other here and there. I can safely say he is the best among all the men I have known. I think he needs to open a school to teach men how to treat their partners.

“He is so good, but I suspect he uses juju to hoodwink women. Who among married women with dignity would be comfortable with all the shenanigans that he does?” she quipped.

Munodawafa said it was Musarira who lured her back into the country after she lost her job.

“Sasha called me back to Zimbabwe. I had resigned and was now based in Botswana. I had resigned because of the problems I was facing at my former work station.

“He used to take good care of me. He even treated my daughter as his own, and is the one behind my break-up with a guy from Ghana. This is what deeply hurt me on the failed date. He has never deceived me before.

“He knows I am a bipolar disorder patient, and actually treats me better than my own mother. This is why I think he wanted to trend on social media using my name since he knew how I would react,” she said.

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic-depressive illness or manic depression, is a mental illness that causes unusual shifts in a person’s mood, energy, activity levels and concentration.

She also spoke of how she needs assistance to fund her women rights organisation — Immaculate Heart Foundation.

“Yes, I once repented and turned to God. That should not be surprising because my parents are pastors. However, I was drawn back in my Christian faith because of an incident when I attended a crusade by one of the popular prophets (name withheld).

“The prophet was good to everyone, but when he saw me, he gave me a very sad look. I did not expect that from a man of God. I thought the prophet would ask me what I wanted God to do for me, but that was not the case.

“I need assistance to fund my women rights organisation. I started it with the zeal to assist neglected and abused women. I also don’t like to be an embarrassment to my kith and kin. I am pushed by lack of resources to take care of myself and my child who is at school. I do not have money to fund all that,” she said.

However, Musarira, who also featured on the radio show dismissed his ex-lover as a drama queen.

“That one is a drama queen. She is a content creator. She once made a video together with her child celebrating that I was now single and divorced.

Who does that? Bringing a young child into all this nonsense!

“She is lying that I invited her to the lodge in Mutare. Honestly, have you ever seen a lodge with locked gates like she alleges? Yes, we once had a friendship that had such benefits back then, but it is now water under the bridge. That is more than seven years ago,” he said.

Musarira said the drama dented his work and marriage.

“Yes, it has greatly affected my family and work life. I am happy that I have an understanding wife who knows exactly the kind of person involved.

“When we were in a relationship back then, she was a true opposite of what she is now. She was so nice to me, and we separated after she started dating another guy,” he said.

Munodawafa was quick to throw a counter accusation saying Musarira was the one who cheated on her. She had to do revenge cheating to fix him


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