Home Africa News Facebook celebrity Evangelica strips n@ked at police statio(Video)

Facebook celebrity Evangelica strips n@ked at police statio(Video)


In a startling incident at Harare Central Police Station, Facebook celebrity Evangelica Sandie, whose real name is Raviro Munodawafa, shocked police officers and onlookers by stripping n@ked after being arrested for online harassment of her ex-lover.

Sandie had garnered attention on social media after sharing explicit content, including pictures and chats, involving her married lover, known as Sasha. Following a police report filed by Sasha for cyberbullying, Sandie was apprehended by Constable Midzi of the Victim Friendly Unit at Harare Central Investigations.

As Sandie’s detention forms were being processed at the police station, she abruptly stripped n@ked, removing her skirt, tights, and underwear before lying on her back. Her actions stunned police officers and members of the public present, who were also in the process of having their paperwork processed.

Despite attempts to intervene, Sandie continued to expose herself before eventually being escorted to the police cells, where she proceeded to get dressed.

Sandie subsequently appeared in court before magistrate Dennis Mangosi, facing charges of cyberbullying and public indecency. She was remanded in custody pending further proceedings and is scheduled to appear in court again today for bail considerations


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