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SHOCKING:Madzibaba lshmael ex wife related to Jay Prayzah


Tendai Mukombe’s cousin, Jah Prayzah, has also been generating headlines.

And, unlike Madzibaba Ishmael, the musician is trending for all the right reasons.

Tendai’s father and Jah Prayzah’s father were brothers.

Tendai said she grew up with her mother’s family and was only introduced to her father when she was already married to Madzibaba Ishmael.

Her biological father d!3d and the recent d3@th of Jah Prayzah’s father left her without a father to turn to.

“Ndave nherera, amai vangu nababa vangu vakashaya, baba vaJah Prayzah ndivo baba vangavasara panana baba vedu,” said Tendai.

“My relatives helped me with transport to attend his funeral in Uzumba.

“My four children have been brainwashed by Madzibaba Ishmael to the extent that one of them even sent me a message on my mobile phone that I was no longer her mother.”

She added:

“It affected me so much that I showed my relatives the message.

“My relatives urged me to forgive her and continue praying for them.

“I did not disclose everything to my relatives that I underwent since 2020 when my husband deserted me.

“Nhumbu mukadzi mukuru hairevi chayadya, asi nhamo chaiyo yakandikodzeka semukaka ndikakora.

“If my relatives knew what exactly I was experiencing, they could have helped me but I suffered and felt the pain alone.

“I used to work on my piece of land and, at times, work for other villagers for money and clothes.

“Handichisina kwekuita maricho nekuda kwekusanaya zvakanaka kwemvura mwaka uno saka hupenyu hwangu huripanjodzi.

“Vanasikana vangu vose nababa vavo hapana kana umwechete wavo akadzoka kuti azoona kuti ndirikudyei, ndirikuraramasei kana kuti ndirikurara payi.”

Madzibaba Ishmael took his father and mother to Nyabira.

His mother d!3d and was buried at the compound.

Tendai’s surviving children with Madzibaba Ishmael are Lyssard, 27, Dyson Abedinico, 24, Miriam, 21, Stailodge, 18, Amon, 13, and Shadreck, 11.

Lyssard was handed to Madzibaba Piason, for marriage, while Miriam was given to Madzibaba Elson Marandure as his wife.


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