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Heartbreaking: Zimbabwean socialite d!es while celebrating her birthday


A Zimbabwean socialite based in the United Kingdom d!ed in a car accident in Zanzibar while celebrating her birthday.

The socialite Shelter MacBolan travelled to the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, last week to celebrate her birthday. She had travelled to the picturesque tourist attraction, as her birthday was on Saturday, 16 March.

To get an immersive birthday experience, Shelter went to Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort. There, she donned the traditional red garb and danced with the Maasai people, who circled her as she grooved.

Later, she wore an immaculate, elegant sky-blue dinner dress and matching heels to a photo shoot, looking like a million bucks. On Tuesday, 19 March, Shelter shared the stunning pictures on her social media account.

Her hearty smile showed how oblivious she was to the impending end that would befall her.

As she travelled in Zanzibar, she was involved in a fatal car accident. It is still unclear how and what caused the car crash, but she tragically d!ed in the accident. She perished days after celebrating her birthday in style

Her friend, identified as Summer Rose, revealed her d3ath on social media:

“Shocked beyond belief. Shelter took this picture a couple of days ago celebrating her birthday in Zanzibar, only to d!e in a car crash a couple of days later whilst on holiday ???????? nah this is heartbreaking ????????????????”

She added on Facebook:

“Ah noooo mhani Shelter MacBolan, you are not really gone, surely????????????????????????? Ko mwana nhai Shelter????????‍♀️ did you really d!e just like that? I just can’t believe this????????????????????????????????????????????Rest in peace beautiful????“

Friends and relatives of the Zimbabwean socialite expressed sadness.


“Wait. No!!! Aaaah amana zvadarireiko? This is just wild. RIP beautiful????“


“God called, and you answered. Rest easy, dearest. You lived a life with no regrets. Till we meet again, angel.”


“Painful to accept. Rest In Paradise……my sister…..Go well.”


“Just a couple of days ago I was admiring your trip and birthday photos sha ???????? REST IN PERFECT PEACE & may God comfort your family and loved ones left behind.”


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