Home Africa News Chivayo sends shock waves across social media amidst ch3ating allegations

Chivayo sends shock waves across social media amidst ch3ating allegations


Chivayo sends shock waves across social media amidst ch3ating allegations

Flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo seems to have unintentionally let slip that he’s ch3ating on his wife after previously denying any involvement with a South African slay queen.

Over the weekend, Wicknell Chivayo found himself at the centre of social media gossip with rumours doing the rounds that he was on a baecation with South African socialite Mihlali Ndamase in the United States.

Chivayo penned a lengthy response denying the allegations and categorically denied knowing Mihlali personally or at all before the allegations that he was having an extramarital aff@ir with her.

Now, Wicknell Chivayo has unintentionally admitted that he is ch3ating on his wife. The flamboyant businessman took to his Instagram stories and revealed that the allegations that he is having an @ffair with Mihlali Ndamase have had negative effects. He said as a result of the allegations, the women he had set his sights on are now shying away from him for fear that they will also trend on social media.

Expressing frustration at what he perceives as a double standard, Chivayo highlighted that he is constantly under scrutiny because of his wealth, while poor men engage in illicit affairs without getting the same level of attention.

“My problem is MURI KUNDI RAMBISA ne mamwe ma bhebhi andiri kutodawo ndakunzi ndiri controversial ndine vakawanda…Isusu tine mari tisu vamunoda kuisa telescope heee ch3ating on his wife heee he’s married kana uri mupfumi ZVINO SHAMISEI izvozvo ko imi especially VAROMBO kana ne vakadzi vevanhu nehama chaidzo zvese muri ku dzi chinjanisa…SHUT UP and SIT DOWN….,” Chivayo wrote in one Instagram story.

In another Instagram story, Wicknell revealed his goal to outdo his grandfather who had twelve official wives and expand his family. He cautioned social media users against pairing him up with anyone they fancy, warning them not to provoke his wrath.

“Sekuru vangu vaive ne Vakadzi 12 vese official saka I’m actually very optimistic and hopeful I will manage to beat that number ndokudza DZINZA redu…Musandipe vanhu vasiri vangu manyanya ku dherera pa internet apa vamwe vachazviona havo kuti ini nditori benzi zvaro ndaka kurira ku Chitungwiza and Borrowdale ndakatozoenda manje manje musi uno apa…,” Wicknell revealed


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