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Chivayo’s SA slay queen breaks silence


Wicknell Chivayo’s alleged South African small house Mihlali Ndamase has finally broken her silence.

Over the weekend, Mihlali Ndamase’s name trended on social media alongside Wicknell Chivayo’s as rumours swirled that the two were enjoying a romantic getaway in the United States.

Chivayo went on a rant on his verified Instagram account, denying any knowledge of Ndamase. He even went as far as suggesting that his love life had taken a hit because of the rumours, as women he is romantically interested in are now turning him down on the basis that he is a casanova.

Now, Wicknell Chivayo’s alleged small house Mihlali Ndamase has penned her own response dismissing rumours that she was on a romantic getaway with the wealthy Zimbabwean. Taking to her Instagram stories, Mihlali first thanked Chivayo for setting the record straight that they were not together.

She expressed dismay at the South African public’s tendency to associate her with men she has never met in her life. Mihlali advised bloggers and social media users to verify their information before spreading harmful rumours without any concrete evidence.

“thank you for clarifying this @sir_wicknell. It’s so sad the obsession South Africans have with giving me men, being associated with men I’ve never even met. Please check your facts before spreading harmful rumours that have no supporting evidence,” Mihlali wrote on her Instagram stories.


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