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Sniper finally receives Benz from Chivayo vayo


Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has has finally fulfilled Zimdancehall musician Sniper Storm’s long-standing request for a car gift.

This comes after Sniper Storm made headlines recently after he relentlessly begged Wicknell to buy him a car. The Zimdancehall chanter who felt left out during Wicknell’s car gifting spree publicly appealed to the businessman to also bless him with a car.

After weeks of begging, Wicknell has finally decided to gift Sniper Storm with a Mercedes Benz C200 car.

Taking to his Instagram account, Wicknell Chivayo announced that he had bought a car for Sniper Storm.

The Mystery Woman Behind Wicknell Chivayo’s Decision to Buy Sniper Storm a Car
Wicknell disclosed that his decision to purchase a car for Sniper Storm was prompted by a woman he deeply cares for, who urged him not to disregard Sniper Storm’s plea.

Although Wicknell did not reveal her identity, he shared that she felt compassion for Sniper Storm, who had become a subject of ridicule on social media due to his car request.

“A certain woman that I love with all my heart and have a lot of respect for called me last week and ordered me not to ignore this message by SNIPERSTORM…She also said she felt pitty for him the whole internet was laughing at him for asking… Nothing wrong in trying your luck and pamunoseka vamwe MWARI VANONZWA…”

Wicknell extended his congratulations to Sniper Storm for receiving the new car gift from him. He advised the Zimdancehall chanter to go to Enterprise Car Sales and collect his Mercedes Benz C200 car.

“Having said that TODAY it’s a big Congratulations to SNIPERSTORM… Please go to ENTERPRISE CAR SALES see MADZIBABA CHIPAGA your Mercedes Benz C200 is ready for collection…

Gratitude and Congratulations: Wicknell Chivayo Acknowledges Sniper Storm’s Role and Presents Him with a Car
The businessman went on to express gratitude to Sniper Storm for his contribution at ZANU PF rallies.

“Thank you for your immense contribution at our Zanu PF rallies for a very long time. Please enjoy your new car.GOD BLESS YOU.”


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