Story Of The 8-Year-Old Girl Who Survived The ZCC Moria Bus Accident That K1lled 45 People


Details have emerged of the 8-year-old girl who survived when 45 people d1ed after a bus going to Moria for Easter got into an accident.

The Tragedy In Limpopo
On 28 March, 46 people set out from Molepolole. They were headed to Moria in GaMokwane, Polokwane, for the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Easter event. The Botswana-registered bus then approached the Ga-Mmamatlakala area on the R518 Road in Waterberg District, Limpopo.

At the bridge, the driver lost control of the heavy vehicle, and it swerved off the road before crashing into the bridge barricade. The bus plunged 50 metres deep into the ravine. It exploded into a raging inferno after crashing onto the rocks below the bridge.

Almost everyone on the bus, including the driver, d1ed in the Moria accident, with some burnt beyond recognition. By Friday, 34 bodies had been recovered, and only nine had been identified.

Only one person survived the horrific accident, an eight-year-old girl who is currently getting treatment in a Limpopo hospital.

The Story Of The 8-Year-Old Who Survived The Horror Moira Bus Accident
Eight-year-old Lauryn Siako is the only person who survived the accident.

The spokesperson of the chief health official in Limpopo Province, Thilivhali Muavha, told the New York Times that emergency services found Lauryn outside the bus with minor cuts on her arms, legs, head and back.

Moria Bus Accident
Lauryn begged her mother to accompany her grandmother to the Easter pilgrimage, which had resumed after a COVID-19 halt. The two joined 43 other St. Engenas Zion Christian Church members on Wednesday night and left Molepolole for Moria. Barely hours later, the 8-year-old was the only surviving passenger on the bus.

Her mother, Gaolebale Siako, could not hold back her tears:

“How did she come out of that bus? It’s hard to explain. I’m hurt that I lost my mom and other people, but I’m also comforted knowing that my child is alive.”

Authorities are still baffled as to how Lauryn managed to survive the horror crash. She gave South African authorities viral information regarding the accident. New York Times added that she disclosed to them where the bus was coming from and where it was going, as well as her mother’s contact information


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