Home Africa News Residents Apprehend Five Kidnappers in Epworth After Rescuing Children from Car Boot

Residents Apprehend Five Kidnappers in Epworth After Rescuing Children from Car Boot


In Epworth, Zimbabwe, a dramatic scene unfolded on Saturday when five suspected kidnappers were apprehended by vigilant residents after they were discovered hiding two children in the boot of their car.

According to sources, the suspects had parked their vehicle near a market in the area, but their actions aroused suspicion when the cries of children emanating from the boot caught the attention of nearby people.

Witnesses reported that the suspects comprised three men and two women. As the children’s cries grew louder, residents grew increasingly concerned and decided to investigate further. Upon opening the boot, they were shocked to find the two children inside.

Realizing that they had been discovered, the three men attempted to flee the scene, but they were swiftly pursued and apprehended by the determined crowd.

An eyewitness recounted the events, stating, “They were caught with two children in the boot after they parked their car close to where people sell their goods. The kids were crying, which made people suspicious, and they went to check and found the children in the boot. The men tried to escape but were caught after a chase by the mob.”
During the confrontation, one woman present at the scene recognized one of the female suspects as being involved in another kidnapping incident targeting children.

Following their capture, the suspects were promptly handed over to the authorities and taken to Domboramwari Police Station for further investigation.

The incident occurred in Epworth’s Stopover area along Delport Road. The two children, who had been abducted while on their way from Rueben Shops, were safely rescued from the suspects’ vehicle.

As the residents confronted the suspects, law enforcement officials arrived at the scene and took charge of the case, ensuring that justice would be served in the wake of the attempted kidnapping.


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