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Nyarai ane makore 60 otambudzwa ne zvidhoma mumba make


Haunted house troubles Harare woman

Nyarai Chadoka, a resident of Harare’s Bloomingdale surburb is desperately appealing for assistance to exorcise her house which she says is haunted.

The 60-year-old widow said despite numerous encounters with individuals who have expressed their willingness to help her, she remains trapped in her predicament without any resolution in sight.

“Strange things still happening daily. I have received some calls from different people saying they want to help me but no one has come through. Someone told me that the house is the one which needs to be exorcised,” she told source.

Nyarai Chadoka recounted how the incidents started. She explained that when she constructed her home back in 2003, she used common bricks. However, she temporarily relocated to her rural residence in 2011, where she resided for two years. Upon her return, she was confronted with a startling transformation

“When I initially built my house, I used some common bricks and I then went kumusha around 2011 only to come back to see that everything had changed. I realised that the whole house was now built with face bricks. To my surprise, face bricks haasiwe plaster pamusoro but izvi zvakandikandisa mapfumo pasi and I am told that is where the problem started. A lot of things were planted at the house and these are the same things tormenting me,” she narrated.

Desperate for a resolution, Chadoka is seeking someone capable of addressing the issue plaguing her home once and for all.

“So, I want someone who can help me with dealing with these things which were put at my house. I have no rest, every day scary things are still happening,” she said.

According to Nyarai, her money mysteriously disappears and she often wakes up to find that some of her food has been stolen. In some instances, Chadoka has woken up to find broken windows and the walls with deep scratches.

Countless instances have seen her blankets torn apart, and even her carpets have not been spared from destruction. Additionally, she described encounters with phantom cars that illuminate her home before vanishing into the night. Despite putting salt at entrances and wooden cooking spoons, relief remains elusive for Nyarai Chadoka.

“We still put some salt pamadoor, nekuisa mugoti since takaudzwawo nevamwe to do so. It hasn’t helped much but zviri nani nekuti hope hadziuye,” she said.


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