Home Africa News Four vehicles coll!de at intersection In Harare

Four vehicles coll!de at intersection In Harare


A road traff!c @ccident took place in early hours of today as Trip Trans bus, truck, lorry and Mazda Demio were involved in a coll!sion.

Several vehicles including a Trip Trans bus, a truck, a lorry, and a Mazda Demio were involved in a coll!sion at Kelvin Corner intersection in Harare this morning. No fatalities were reported but the !njured individuals were transported to the hospital.

The devastating that unfolded in Harare had far reaching consequences with all of the four vehicles sustaining significant dam@ge.

Sh0cking reports have emerged from the acc!dent scene with eyewitnesses stating that a bus disregarded the red tr@ffic light and coll!ded with the truck The bus driver’s recklessness and dang3rous decision to ignore the tr@ffic signal could have had catastrophic consequences for both his passengers and innocent individuals on the road.

In a str0ke of luck amidst the chaos and destruction caused by the @ccident it has been confirmed that no lives were lost , despite the significant d@mage sustained by the vehicles involved.

While several individuals were !njured ,their !njuries , thankfully ,were not life threatening and the victims transported to hospital for medical treatment .

This is a welcoming relief in light of the destructive event that unfolded and a reminder that every life is precious and worth protecting


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