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Jah Master receives Benz C200 from Chivhayo


Sir Wicknell has once again showcased his generosity by gifting a brand-new car to Jah Master, whose real name is Rodney Mashandure, Zimdancehall artist recognized for his distinct dressing, unique chanting style, and captivating lyrics.

“Hello Mwari” made him rose to fame and has made him get a Benz C200 from Sir Wicknell. He gifted Hello Mwari hitmaker to show his appreciation for his music and undying love for ZANU PF even though the car gifting spree had ended.

In a recent post seen by Newsreportzim.com Chivayo posted,

“HALLO FRIDAY mu zuva RA MAMBO rinoera i say CONGRATULATIONS to you MR JAH MASTER , please go and see Madzibaba Chipaga at ENTERPRISE CAR SALES your beautiful MERCEDES BENZ C200 is ready for collection…I don’t know your full name but ndiwe uya wekuimba hit song yekuti – vari kufunga kuti zvinopera manje Mwari wangu ndinongo va bvompfera kuti HELLOO MWARI pane vanhu varukuda kundi tsara mari…Your consistence and dedication in attending our ZANU PF rallies can never be forgotten.

On so many occasions you had to go on stage in the cold without a shirt , in your shorts and cross belts to maintain your signature outfit and keep the record breaking massive crowds rocking.

These are our same supporters that voted in masses resulting in our inevitable clean victory.

By associating yourself with and supporting ZANU PF , all I can say to you my brother is YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT… With talented young musicians like you keeping us HOLY SPIRIT confirmed and approved FUTURE BILLIONAIRES entertained , certainly our stress levels will remain very low and achieving our Vision 2030 goals will be a walk through the park against all odds… Enjoy your new car and best wishes in all your future albums…GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..????EDELIVERS… #EDHUCHI ????????????EDWORKS…2030 ANENGE ARIPO…????


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