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Chinhoyi Man Wakes Up with Pain kuma Garo After Heavy Night of Drinking With Workmate


Chinhoyi Man Wakes Up with Pain in His Nyash After Heavy Night of Drinking With Workmate

A Chinhoyi man had his worst nightmare come true when he woke up with his nyash throbbing in pain after a heavy night of drinking with a fellow workmate.

The man’s workmate, who is a 32-year-old man from Chinhoyi, appeared before the Chinhoyi Magistrates’ Court facing allegations of aggravated indecent ass@ult.

Events Leading to the Arrest and Court Appearance

According to the court proceedings, on March 31, 2024, the accused and the 23-year-old complainant, who were workmates, were off duty. They spent the day drinking beer at their residence. At approximately 5:00 p.m., the accused person asked the complainant to accompany him to a nearby house where he worked part-time as a security guard. The complainant agreed, and they continued to drink beer during their journey and upon arriving at the house.

Later, the complainant requested to take a bath. While bathing, he claimed that the accused person approached him twice and insisted on seeing the size of his pr!v@tes, but he refused to comply. After the complainant finished bathing, both individuals retired to bed.

Chinhoyi Man Wakes Up With Nyash in Pain After Heavy Night of Drinking

As the complainant slept soundly, the accused person allegedly removed his trousers and underwear and engaged in s_xual activity with him. The following morning, on April 1, 2024, when the complainant woke up, he experienced pain in his nyash and discovered traces of semen between his thighs while bathing.

Overwhelmed by fear, the complainant chose to keep the incident to himself until April 8, 2024, when he finally decided to report the matter to the police.

The trial has been scheduled for April 24, 2024


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