Zimbabwean business man found d3@d in South Africa


In a disturbing development, the d3@d body believed to be that of Zimbabwean businessman Evans Katumba who was @bducted in Durban, South Africa, last month has allegedly been found.

On the 22nd of March 2024, Evans Katumba, a club owner and a fuel trader based in South Africa was k!dn@pped by armed assailants.

He was abducted in Durban by assailants armed with AK47s at Yugo nightclub, a night spot he had recently acquired.

According to reports Evans bought Yugo nightclub in February this year. Yugo nightclub is the venue where South African r@pper AKA was set to perform before he was murdered last year.

After he was k!dn@pped last month, his @bductors demanded a ransom of R2.5 million. However, his family and friends made efforts and managed to raise R1.5 million only.

To provide further details on the k!dn@pping case, a friend of Katumba shed light on the situation. According to the friend who spoke on condition of anonymity, the @bductors specifically demanded that only one person bring the money, emphasizing that the police should not be involved. The friend claims that this was the last communication they received from the @bductors after they had dropped off the ransom money.

“They demanded that one person should bring the money and that police should not be involved. The money was dropped at an open field on the outskirts of Ballito, about 45 minutes from Durban. The k!dn@ppers said they would release him after an hour, but that was the last communication they made.”

After the botched ransom settlement, Katumba’s family reported the incident to the South African Police Service (SAPS), prompting both SAPS and the source to launch an investigation into his disappearance.

After weeks of investigating the case, the police in KwaZulu Natal have reportedly discovered a d3@d body suspected to be that of the missing Zimbabwean businessman, Evans Katumba.

Crime reporter Yusuf Abramjee has confirmed the development on his official X account.

Emerging reports indicate that a dead body with two g_nshot wounds was discovered in Hammersdale, located west of Durban.

Due to significant decomposition, the immediate confirmation of the body’s identity was not possible. As a result, the family is currently awaiting DNA confirmation to determine whether the deceased individual is indeed Evans Katumba


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