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Don’t Mess with my kids: Mukomana wokuburitsa ma n_des aFifi osungwa


A MAN, who is suspected to be behind the leaking of the n_de images of Mai TT’s daughter, has been arrested.

Amin Mhaka is believed to be the one who has been dating Felisha and decided to leak her n_de photographs.

He was arrested and detained at Highlands Police Station.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest.

“Police arrested one suspect in connection with the leaking of the n_de photographs of Mai TT’s daughter.

“Investigations are in progress and we will furnish more details tomorrow (today),” said Ass-Comm Nyathi.

Responding to the leakage of Felisha’s n_des, Mai TT said she found out that her daughter was under threat the whole of last year from her lover but never disclosed it to her.

She said Felisha would pay the lover an undisclosed amount of money until she couldn’t afford anymore and the lover decided to leak the photographs.

“The way you are shocked is the same way I am shocked because my daughter is the quietest, intelligent, individual,” said Mai TT.

“When I counted my blessings, I counted her as well.

“Never have I ever held a stick to flog her because there was nothing to flog her for.

“She was the best God gave me because everything about her is just perfect.

“There is just a young lady who was in a relationship and trusted her boyfriend, and after breaking up, the guy leaked the pictures.”


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