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Zvinoshamisa Zvinotyisa Tendai Gombera 41 Ouraya Mwana Wake Melody 13 years old nekuti…


13-year-old girl, who died after having been severely beaten by her father, was laid to rest on Saturday.

Melody Gombera, of Rapture Business Centre in Marondera, died after being beaten by her father, Tendai Gombera, 41.

He was accusing her of bedding several boyfriends.
The incident has left villagers in tears while her suspected lovers have fled and sought refuge elsewhere.

Melody had been staying with her grandfather, 68, at Rapture Business Centre.

“The murder of Melody by her father has disturbed the whole village,” said a villager.

“Tendai had been threatening to kill someone over his daughter.

“He learnt about her sleepover at the business centre and confronted her.

“He started questioning his daughter why she had not been home for the past few days.

“Tendai was not satisfied with the response that he was given by Melody and this angered him and he assaulted her with a wooden stick all over her body whilst knocking her head against the wall.”

He added:

“He force marched her around the business centre demanding that she shows him where her boyfriends stay whilst assaulting her.

“When they had walked for about 300 meters, Melody started complaining of loss of energy and could not walk further.

“Tendai continued assaulting Melody accusing her of faking dizziness and later left her for dead,” said one of the villagers.

Tendai went home leaving Melody lying on the road and her body was later found in a shallow drainage.

Tendai was arrested.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii confirmed the arrest.

“Police arrested a man reported to have assaulted his daughter to death.

“He is facing murder charges,” said Insp Chazovachii.


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