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Patricia Jack in hotsoup over Fifi’s 18 Pictures


MAI TT has accused social media celebrity, Patricia Jack, of being part of the gang which was behind the leaking of her daughter Fifi’s n_de pictures.

She claims Jack allegedly attempted to extort her, demanding that she pays US$5 000, to ensure that the images were not splashed online.

Fifi’s ex-boyfriend, Amir Edwin Mhaka, was arrested on Monday accused of being part of the gang which leaked the n_de pictures on social media after the collapse of their two-year relationship.

Amir is 19.


In her statement to the police, which H-Metro is in possession of, Mai TT said she received a message on Instagram from her former friend, Patricia Jack, on April 9.

In the message, Jack said she was in possession of 20 n_des belonging to Fifi.

She said she did not respond to the message.

Mai TT further claimed that after about 30 minutes, on the same day, she received a call from someone she suspected was Jack, demanding US$5000, in order not to post the n_des online.

She said she hung up the phone.

After a while, Mai TT said, she received a phone call from her aunt Zodwa Mkandla advising her that Fifi’s n_des were all over social media.

She said she strongly believes Jack was one of the people who leaked the n_des to tarnish her and her daughter’s reputation after she refused to pay the money demanded


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