Married Pentecostal Pastor under fire for d@ting a minor


Pentecostal Pastor slammed after his 16 year old l0ver posted an Iphone 15 pro Max he bought her to celebrate 4 years of love. Allegedly she started d@ting the man when she was only 14 years old.

The man who is allegedly d@ting the minor is said to be Ntsikelelo Khamanga a married man who is a pastor at Pentecostal Protestant Church. Videos and pictures of him giving sermons at his church are currently trending on social media. There are also pictures of him, all lovey-dovey with his wife. Many are calling for his immediate arrest, as he was ‘grooming’ the young girl by luring her with expensive gifts.

When people were coming for her, Minehle said she is breaking generational curses because she is the only one with an iPhone 15 Pro Max in her family. Meanwhile Minehle has since deleted her Instagram and TikTock accounts.The church has also taken down its facebook account

Watch the video below


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