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Netball player k!lled by coach


The twin sister of the late Khanyile Ntetho, who was allegedly k!dn@pped, sh0t and k!ll3d allegedly by her netball coach wants justice. Kakhanya Ntetho from Centane in the Eastern Cape said that she will never find peace or rest until her netball coach is @rrested. Khanyile Ntetho was sh0t to de@th allegedly by her netball coach in East London on 13 April. It is alleged that Khanyile had been celebrating with her friend and coach after her netball team won a game.

The next day, the family was worried as the victim did not come home and her phone was off. It is alleged that the family went to the coach’s house to ask about Khanyile’s whereabouts, but they could not locate her. The following day, on 15 April, the family was informed that Khanyile was allegedly sh0t d3@s by her coach and his two friends after she rejected their advances.

The suspect reportedly dropped Khanyile’s lifeless body in front of a hospital nearby. “This is the promise I make to my sister Khanyile. I will never ever rest until her evil coach is behind bars,.I so wish that it was me who was lying there in front of that hospital helpless. I know that my sister was k!lled because she turned their offer and one thing I know about her is that she was very stubborn and she was very brave and fearless. I’m sure she told her coach and his friends where to get off when they were making s3xual advances. This is the reason why they decided to k!ll her because she was a fighter,” she said.

Kwakhanya said that she wants the culprits to be behind bars. “One thing I’m positive about is that God’s plan will be the final one. I didn’t know that we should be warned about the netball coaches who lust over the girls that they are coaching. It’s disgusting and I will never rest until justice is served. I’m heartbroken and sometimes I can’t even sleep at night thinking about the things we did together. Thinking about all the things we shared as sisters,” she said.

Eastern Cape police spokesman Captain Hazel Mqala confirmed the incident. “Police are investigating a case of murd3r after a 23-year-old female netball player who was sh0t at East Bank, Buffalo Flats ,on 13 April 2024. The deceased was with friends at coach’s place when others heard gunsh0t. They checked and saw the deceased with gunsh0t wounds and she was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. On her arrival she was declared d3@d. Police investigations are underway to track the whereabouts of the suspect.” said Mqala


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