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Former Zimbabwe cricketer @ttacked by leopard


The story of Guy Whittall, the former Zimbabwean cricketer who has survived not one but two life-threatening encounters with wild animals, continues to astonish. Whittall, now 51, found himself in a life-or-d3ath situation while out trekking with his loyal dog, Chikara. This was years after waking up to the surprise of an eight-foot-long crocodile sleeping under his bed.

Newsreportzim.com has learnt about this traged from a post by Crime Watch Zim.

The Safari business Whittall co-runs with his father in Humani, Zimbabwe, provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience the untamed wilderness of the African continent.

Hannah Stooks-Whittall, Guy Whittall’s wife, shared the harrowing events of her husband’s encounter with a leopard on social media. Her post not only showcased Guy’s resilience in the face of adversity but also the bravery of Chikara, the dog who valiantly intervened to save his master from further h@rm.

The couple’s harrowing experience was amplified by the significant amount of bl00d Guy had lost during the encounter. Thankfully, Guy was airlifted to a hospital in Harare, where he underwent emergency surgery and was eventually stabilized.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Hannah said: ‘He really is one lucky man, first he had the crocodile and now the leopard, he really is the cat with nine lives.

“He was so fortunate that Chikara was there to help him and get the leopard off him otherwise who knows how it might have ended.

“We are so grateful to him, and Chikara going to get some extra chicken as a treat. He’s got to see the vet as he has a few scr@tches and but he should be ok, he’s in better shape than Guy.

“Fortunately, Guy is up in bed and talking, he’s telling anyone who will listen how he wrestled with a leopard but we all know it was down to Chikara.”

Back in 2013 he was @ttacked by a crocodile which had crawled under his bed during the night.

He was forced to call in some of his co-workers who helped remove the crocodile from its new lair and release him back into a nearby dam.

Guy said: “Of course he resisted being roped and hauled out from under the bed, that’s only natural.

“Catching and securing a croc of any size on land though is a fairly straight forward affair and we are experienced in that


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