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TIKTOK to be banned whole world ?


United States President Joe Biden has signed a bill today that could lead to a nationwide TikTok ban, escalating a massive threat to the company’s US operations.

In a statement seen by Newsreportzim.com on facebook posted by Nashtvzimbabwe, congress had passed the bill this week as part of a wide-ranging foreign aid package meant to support Israel and Ukraine. It was approved by the House on Saturday, and by the Senate on Tuesday. The legislation poses the most serious risk to TikTok since US officials began raising concerns about the app in 2020. Under what is now US law, TikTok is forced to find a new owner within months or be banned from the United States entirely.

Biden’s official approval ends a six-month saga of tense political battles on Capitol Hill that led to a deadlock on the issue of foreign aid.

“The path to my desk was a difficult path. It should have been easier and it should’ve gotten there sooner,” Biden said Wednesday after signing the bill. “But in the end we did what America always does, we rose to the moment.”

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Moshed Dhliwayo
Good news ????????????

Ishmael Hwicho Makuvaza
It’s because TikTok is owned by China ndopanehondo, vanorwadziwa because China has overtaken them interms of world market, kubva kumaElectric Cars, saka they’re trying by all means kurwisa zvinhu zveChina

Therieh Tee Lioness
Vari kuda mafree gifts ehembe huyai kutemu

Sean Usher
That will never happen ????

Gracious Zambuko
Ndezve ikoko Tik Tok iri kutonga kudarika Meta ka


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