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Watch:Holy Ten Achitemwa Nema Bhodoro Zvakare Ku South Africa


Fans throw bottles at Holy10 in
Zimhip hop rapper Holy Ten continues to attract controversy wherever he performs, and his recent show in Johannesburg, South Africa, was no exception.

The event took a chaotic turn when the police abruptly shut down the show just before Holy Ten was about to take the stage.

In a display of frustration, some fans responded by hurling bottles onto the stage, creating a tense and disruptive atmosphere.

Holy Ten was slated to perform alongside Master H and Voltz JT at the Newtown Music Factory in Johannesburg last night. However, his much-anticipated performance was thwarted when the South African Police Service intervened and shut down the show.

According to reports from the popular blog source, the police abruptly halted the event at 3 am, just before Holy Ten was scheduled to take the stage. The unexpected turn of events incited frustration among the fans, leading to a disruptive scene where bottles were hurled onto the stage.

As chaos ensued at the Newtown Music Factory, the atmosphere became increasingly tense due to the fans’ reaction, creating an unfortunate conclusion to the evening’s proceedings.

The footages show a rowdy crowd shouting amidst the chaos, as the bottles are hurled towards the stage where Holy Ten was supposed to perform. The videos have quickly spread across social media, eliciting a flurry of reactions from users.

Interestingly, some netizens took a humorous approach, poking fun at Holy Ten arguing that he deserves it for @ttacking Winky D. Several social media users voiced the opinion that Holy Ten should apologize for his previous actions.

Here are some of the reactions;

Dai angorega zvemashows ahazvigone, plus kuedza kupedza Winky D sekutaura kwake.

Ari kutanda botso…Bit by bit he will learn a lesson????????..ungaswera uchiti ndoda kupedxa winky d woimba tsvina kuno tinokugadzirisa iwe Cde chematama????????????


Mukomana akungofanirwa kurohwa kusvika ati sorry Ku Zimbabwe yese

Holy Ten’s live performances continue to be plagued by controversy, with the latest incident adding to a growing list of unfortunate occurrences. In March, during a performance in Zvishavane, the artist was attacked by an angry mob during a performance.

Initially captivating the crowd with his performance, the atmosphere took a drastic turn as some fans began hurling objects onto the stage, creating a hostile environment.

A circulating video on Instagram captures the alarming scene as an angry mob is seen chasing Holy Ten outside the venue, before physically assaulting him.

Reports indicate that the artist’s car also suffered significant damage during the incident

Watch the video below



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