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Mai Titi speaks after being arrested and detained in the UK


Felistas Murata well known as Mai Titi in the circle comes out to rescue herself after social media was flooded with details that she has been arrested upon entering UK with her products.

From a facebook post made on her facebook page, the post reads:

Hey fam I know u worried I see all your messages but I’m ok .
Will do a live when I settle down in the meantime don’t listen to all these lies .
I got to the Uk and as usual they had information from obviously you know who .

That everytime I come here I’m working. I told them I don’t work in the uk all I do is bring my products to my clients who would have already paid online whilst I’m back home . They searched all my bags and found my cosmetics and also curtains wich I was bringing for Khloe. They did me an interview as to how I’m selling my products in the uk ???????? I was honest and told them people pay me through my accounts or world remmit.

After 2 hrs they returned and told me that what I was doing is employement I needed the correct visa for that . I was not banned for 10 years , I was told i can’t enter with my products because that’s employment .

I was sent to a place not sure the name and was told i was advised by some that if I didn’t want to return I can claim Asylum.
Why should I claim Asylum?

Who is chasing me ?
I don’t want to live in the uk I always come in and go . They told me I was using my Visa for the wrong reasons and that will not affect my future I should take the correct visa for what I want to do .

I’m ok and I m going back home because there s no need for me to stay especially if my products can’t enter . When I get home I will send these orders through shipping rather than bring them on my own cz obviously some people are after my work.
As usual they didn’t like the fact that last time I entered uk after they had said I will never .

I will still prove them wrong by taking the necessary documents and returning whenever I want .
We learn as we go no hard feelings.

My dear customers I’m sorry once more once I get home will use shipping. Thank you Shumba s Lawyer Mr bhebhe. You did your best
Godbless you


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