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2 brothers aged 21 & 25 vakaregererwa through presidential amnesty last week have been rearrested after they killed their uncle for revenge


Amnesty beneficiaries re-arrested for murder

TWO siblings who benefitted from the recent Presidential amnesty have been re-arrested after six days of freedom, for allegedly brutally murdering their uncle, accusing him of reporting them to the police for stealing a firearm.

Evans Mupamhanga (25) and his brother Elvis (21), both from Farm 21, Chemagora area in Gokwe South, are battling for their lives at Gokwe South District Hospital under police guard after they were attacked by 10 unknown men the same day they had brutally murdered their uncle, Kiddny (62), in a suspected revenge attack.

Evans and Elvis were released from Gokwe Prison under Presidential Amnesty on April 17 as the country battles to de-congest the prisons.

Midlands Province police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the murder, which he said occurred on April 23, at around 7pm.

He said events leading up to the tragic incident unfolded when Evans and Elvis visited Mr Forever Sikochi’s homestead. Mr Sikochi is younger brother to the deceased.

“On the fateful day, the suspects were at home together with their parents, Kennedy Mupamhanga and Monica Mupamhanga, where they had a misunderstanding over an issue of not filling their Jojo tank with water.

“The two suspects then left their parents and proceeded to Forever Sikochi’s homestead on the same farm and quizzed him why he had not filled the tank,” said Insp Mahoko.

He said a misunderstanding ensued over the issue and the suspects force-marched Mr Sikochi towards Kwekwe-Gokwe Road, threatening to kill him.

On their way, he said they allegedly met their now deceased uncle who was coming from Kadoma.

“Suddenly, they told Kiddny that they were looking for him over why he had reported a case of theft of a firearm against them.

The suspects then escorted both Kiddny and Sikochi back home,” said Insp Mahoko.

He said at around 7pm, whilst at home, Evans instructed Elvis to bring an axe, so that they could strike their uncle to death.

“On hearing this, Sikochi fled the scene leaving Kiddny in the hands of the suspects. The suspects took turns to strike him with a log and stones several times on the head until he died. This happened in full view of their father Kennedy Mupamhanga,” said Insp Mahoko.

After the heinous act, Evans and Elvis allegedly teamed up with their parents and went to house number 3711 Sasame 1, Gokwe town and informed their uncle Job Mupamhanga (76) of the murder.

“As they were explaining to Job Mupamhanga, a gang of about 10 unknown people entered into the room, produced axes, machetes and knobkerries and struck the two suspects all over their bodies until they became unconscious. The gang escaped when they sensed danger from the police,” he said.

Insp Mahoko said Evans and Elvis were rushed to Gokwe South District Hospital under police guard and their conditions are serious.

“The deceased’s body was also taken to the same hospital mortuary, awaiting post-mortem. We are appealing for any information that may assist in the arrest of the gang of 10 unidentified assailants,” he said.

“We further appeal to members of the public to respect the sanctity of human life by not engaging in violence as a way of solving disputes,” he said.


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