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Prophet Orasi makes waves with another Zim Celebrity d3ath prophecy


Prophet Mellontik Orasi, who has been making waves for ‘accurately’ prophesying the d3ath of many celebs, namely AKA Zahara, David Bartlett, etc, has got social media buzzing with his latest d3ath prophecy.

Taking to his Facebook page, Prophet Mellontik Orasi prophesied that a young lady was going to d!e in a head-on cr@sh.

He mentioned that the only information he has is that the individual who is going to be involved in the d3adly accid3nt is named Nelia.

“God teach us to pray for people with no gain upon us but for the Kingdom.

There is a young lady who is supposed to d!e in a head on crash ,I know we gather 1000 prayers,

All I know is the name is Nelia,

Kundiso ndimi Hama nevatsigiri vake,” Prophet Mellontik Orasi wrote.

Prophet Mellontik has issued a call for prayers, emphasizing that it is crucial for individuals to pray for the person mentioned in his d3ath prophecy. According to him, the only means by which this prophecy can be averted is through the collective power of prayer.

Prophet Mellontik’s recent death prophecy has triggered a wave of reactions across social media platforms. A significant portion of social media users swiftly speculated that the prophecy pertains to Nelia Kadungure, the younger sister of the late flamboyant businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

Concerned netizens expressed unease, noting that the prophet has a track record of seemingly accurate prophecies. Many individuals took to social media to implore others to join them in prayer, hoping for Nelia’s safety and for the prophecy to remain unfulfilled. Additionally, numerous users encouraged Nelia to reach out to the prophet for guidance.

Here are some of the reactions;


Ngatinamatei tese senyika ka @satan kanyare….Nelia will live


Ignore this prophet at your own peril ????uyo haazi ma funnies


We cancel the spirit of d3ath in the mighty name of Jesus.She is going to live and declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living????


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