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Sniper mocks Winky D


Zimdancehall artist born Donald Chirisa who well known with his stage name Sniper Storm has mocked Winky D after he was snubbed on the artists’ lineup of the Castle Tankard

Artists who will be performing are DJ Fantan, Freeman, Alick Macheso, Bling4 and Master H. The event will kick off at 10 am and end at 7.30 pm. In 2022, Winky D closed down the show and police officers snatched the mic from him at 10 pm, ordering the Ibotso hitmaker to vacate the stage. Since then, Castle Tankard has adjusted its times.

Winky D has consistently been the event’s headlining act until 2022. Last year, Alick Macheso and Enzo Ishall were the main acts and Winky D was conspicuous by his absence.

On social media, fans expressed disgruntlement and promised not to go there. They thought it better to attend Winky D’s show at Kingfisher. It seems this year, they have left him out again.

His old enemy, Sniper Storm, sprung up and mocked him. The two musicians’ beef dates back to 2012. Winky D was on stage, and when his time was up, he could not leave the stage. People still wanted him to perform.

Sniper Storm, who was next to perform, was annoyed, so he stormed the stage before snatching the mic from Winky D. This initiated bad blood between the two chanters.

Sniper has thrown subliminal salvos at Winky D over the Tankard drama. He said on Facebook:

“Vanhu varikuti ku Castle Tankard hazviite zvicharamba, aiwa sorry henyu, zvichangoita! Makajaidzwa sterek kkk. Line up yakanaka iyo.”

The musician felt like rubbing more salt:

“Workers Day to everyone. Have a blessed day. But I have a quick question. Saka wavarikuda kuti abviswe apa ne @castlelagerzw Tankard pachiiswa wavo ndiani? Asingadewo kushandawo nekudya kumba kwake nduepi apa? Ndeupi apa asinawo mhuri yekuchengeta or mabills? NDIANI??? ????????‍♂️????


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