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48 year old HIV Positive Zimbabwean man living in Johannesburg deliberately infecting several woman


The world we are living nowadays becomes so cruel,we are living with animals trapped in human bodies

People are no longer afraid of killing each other even spreading diseases they don’t care anymore

How would you feel if your daughter get infected with HIV by someone who knows has the virus but decides to give it to her without remorse isn’t it hurting?

Today we want to expose one of the culprits his name is Augustine Kadamanja
Augustine is a father of two
Currently staying in Johannesburg
He drives his uncles truck and most of the time will be at Afnet waiting for loads

We have few woman who were brave enough to come forward exposing Kadamanja since he was always getting away with this shameless barbaric act

Kadamanja proposed to one of the ladies and the lady decided to give him a chance after one week in a relationship the lady she started seeing some strange behaviour from Augustine,he will force the lady to sleep with her,sometimes if he calls and not answered he will threaten the lady and will take a tax to her place until she comes back.

The lady was now afraid of her boyfriend’s strange behaviour and unfortunately she didn’t know either his boyfriend was also HIV positive

One day they fought and the guy forced himself to come to her place and started demanding s£x until she lost the battle
She only realised the condo^^ broke later on and the guy denied the allegations that he didn’t break it deliberately

The lady she was later told by Augustine’s friend that she needs to go get tested because his friend told him he teared the rubber without her knowledge
And is doing that to a lot of women

She filed a police report about how she was being threatened to be killed every time and him demanding all his money he used on the lady

The victim she was scared to report a rape case because she didn’t want him to get locked she only wanted him out of her life for good.

The lady she went for an HIV test and she is waiting for a window period

The accused committed the offences on diverse dates between March 5, 2024, and March 18, 2024

Kamanja having actual knowledge that he was infected with HIV disease intentionally, knowingly, and wilfully, had to break the condom without telling his victim knowing that the act was likely to infect her with the virus

Ladies this is an awareness we have cruel people out there look after yourself
Don’t hesitate to expose such people they deserve jail

Next article will be exposing his second victim


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