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Shadaya Decodes Hidden Meaning in Winky D’s ‘Akayenda’ Video


Shadaya Decodes Hidden Meaning in Winky D’s ‘Akayenda’ Video
The Alpha President?: Shadaya Decodes Hidden Meaning in Winky D’s ‘Akayenda’ Video

Controversial influencer Shadaya has interpreted a hidden message within Zimdancehall artist Winky D’s latest music video for the song ‘Akayenda,’ featuring Frya.

Surprising Early Release
Winky D recently treated his fans to a delightful surprise by releasing three out of the four songs from his highly anticipated ‘Love Quartet’ a day earlier than expected. The tracks, namely ‘Dai,’ ‘Shift,’ and ‘Iyeye,’ generated an enthusiastic response from his dedicated audience, dominating the trending charts on X (formerly Twitter).

On Friday, Winky D dropped the final piece of his ‘Love Quartet’ puzzle, the song ‘Akayenda’ featuring Frya. It was the accompanying music video for ‘Akayenda’ that captured Shadaya’s attention and prompted him to dissect its hidden meaning.

Shadaya Decodes Hidden Meaning in ‘Akayenda’ Video

Winky D Akayenda Video Ending (Image: Winky D/YouTube)
Shadaya commended Winky D for his artistic brilliance, particularly focusing on the poignant ending of the video, where the artist is seen holding his deceased lover. He observed that despite the gravity of the situation, Winky D wears a smile and makes no attempt to resuscitate her.

According to Shadaya, this scene holds symbolic significance. He elaborated on its interpretation, stating:

“Winky D is an artistic genius, the ending of the video, is a scene where he’s holding the dead woman

But here is the interesting part, notice he is smiling. He isn’t trying to resuciatate her. And the full moon which represents a time of release and completion. This is next level symbolism

He is literally saying once a relationship has reached it’s end, it’s dead, don’t try to fix it. Don’t be sad either, smile it’s time to start a fresh page

Remember they’re over 3 billion women on the planet

Learn OR perish!!!”


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