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Warren Park Man Pays Lobola With US$30K Meant To Order Goods In S.A


A Forex trader, Rangarirai Shumbairerwa, aged 28 and residing in Warren Park, faced charges before Harare magistrate Ethel Chichera for allegedly misappropriating funds amounting to US$30,000.

The funds were initially intended for purchasing goods from South Africa but were purportedly diverted to finance a traditional lobola ceremony for his spouse.

The trial, scheduled to commence on June 6, was adjourned for a later date. Rangarirai was granted bail set at US$150 and has denied the allegations, asserting that he did not receive the funds from the complainant, Tamai Dadirai, but instead from her ex-husband, Salisio Janyure, subsequent to their recent divorce.

The prosecution stated that in October of the previous year, Rangarirai purportedly received the sum of US$30,000 from Dadirai at Nyahokwe Mall in Harare’s CBD. The intended purpose of the funds was to facilitate the purchase of various goods, including clothing and blankets, to be retailed at Dadirai’s shops within the mall. However, the goods were never delivered.

Contrary to the agreed-upon arrangement, Rangarirai allegedly failed to conduct the electronic funds transfer to South Africa as intended. Instead, he allegedly utilized the funds to host an extravagant traditional marriage ceremony. Upon inquiry by Dadirai regarding the transaction, Rangarirai purportedly confessed to diverting the funds for personal use.

In an attempt to ameliorate the situation, Rangarirai offered to reimburse Dadirai in installments. However, he reportedly failed to fulfill this commitment within the stipulated six-month period. Despite both individuals being engaged in the same business since 2022, no recovery has been made regarding the disputed US$30,000.

Subsequently, a formal complaint was lodged with the ZRP Harare Central, resulting in Rangarirai’s subsequent arrest.


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