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S3x-starved wife pours boiling oil on husband


A 43-year-old woman identified as Chiedza Tototai , finds herself entangled in a web of domestic violence charges after allegedly pouring hot cooking oil on her husband, Shepherd Gwenzi. Chiedza was overheard confiding in her inner circle that her husband was frequently affectionate with his first wife.

The incident, which occurred on a fateful morning at 6 am, unfolded amidst an altercation between the couple while they lay in bed. Tototai, reportedly agitated over what she perceived as her husband’s neglect of her needs, retreated to a nearby hut where she heated cooking oil in a pot. Returning to the bedroom, she allegedly poured the boiling oil onto her husband’s face, inflicting severe burns.

As the details emerged in court, Tototai offered an explanation, asserting that the boiling oil was intended for baking buns, and the incident was a tragic mistake amidst a misunderstanding with her husband. However, questions arose regarding the pot’s presence in the bedroom, as the kitchen and bedroom were separate structures situated a distance apart.

The gravity of the situation prompted Magistrate Sithabile Zungula to remand Tototai in prison custody. Prosecutor Kwanele Njini outlined the events of May 4, 2024, emphasising the severity of the injuries sustained by the victim, who is currently receiving medical treatment at Shurugwi District Hospital.

Amidst the legal proceedings, whispers echo through the village, revealing a history of marital discord between Tototai and Gwenzi. Allegations of frequent fights stemming from grievances over intimacy paint a picture of a relationship marred by strife and unmet expectations.


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