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TikToker Madzimai Emily more videos l3aked


Social media is in shambles after l_la l_la videos of UK-based Johanne Masowe TikToker Madzimai Emily l3aked.

Madzimai Emily is prominent on TikTok for proudly displaying and promoting her faith. The lady has over 17,500 followers and 130,300 likes.

She makes Masowe look cool with her elegant, innocent-looking, and ever-smiling face.

At times, Madzimai Emily shares videos of herself driving in her well-maintained BMW car, singing along to Mapositori music. Additionally, she frequently updates her social media followers with snapshots from her church services.

Given her pristine social media presence and steadfast alignment with Mapostori beliefs, it was unforeseen that Madzimai Emily would expose herself in such a manner. The notion of her leaking a video would not have crossed anyone’s mind.

The Johanne Masowe member is currently trending online after her l_la l_la videos l3aked and made it onto the internet.

In one of the videos, Madzimai Emily wore a bikini and a church doek to cover her head. A chunk of her flesh was bare, and she was tw_rking proudly.

In another video, Madzimai was lying down and rubbing herself, everything in full glare. It is still unclear how the videos l3aked onto the internet.

Madzimai Emily has not yet spoken about the embarrassing development. Click here to watch the videos.

Zim Social Media In Smoke
People online had so much to say about Madzimai Emily.


“Regai vazoti chikuru kunamata PA bio????????????????”


“Madzimai vavhura huru.”


“???????????? ko gemenzi harirambe kufita zvaro.”


“Famba madzimai.”


“Mostly vanhu variku UK.”

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