ZIM/UK-BASED MAN WANTS TO MARRY HIS NIECE, DIVIDES HIS FAMILY. . . some family members claim this is taboo


A UK-BASED Zimbabwean man wants to marry his niece and this has split his family, amid reservations from others who say this is taboo.


Stan Jacha appears to have been blown away by the beauty of his niece, Charity Ngundu, and now wants to take her as his wife.

Her beauty first caught his attention when he gleaned some photographs captured at a funeral.

He decided she was the one he wanted to be his wife and pursued her with the intention to win her heart and marry her.

Stan won the battle to win her heart and showed he was serious when he proposed to Charity.

She accepted his proposal and the two agreed to marry each other.

They set a date for lobola payment, after consultations with other family members.

Stan promised to pay a cow, as fulfilment of a customary requirement to cancel family ties which, ordinarily, would prohibit their union as husband and wife.

This appeared to satisfy the concerns of some of the family members and Stan was now set to pay lobola next month.

However, some family members are concerned about this and the family is now deeply divided.

Some family members have bombarded the family WhatsApp group with messages discouraging Stan from continuing with this relationship.

One of Stan’s aunts, who begged for anonymity, said this was taboo.

Kana ndiwewo iwe journalist, wakambozviwonepi zvekuti munhu anepfungwa kwadzo anoroora mwana wake.

Stan Jacha

Ndezvemishonga here? Ndezvehurombwa here? Ashaya vamwe vasikana vakanaka zvekuzochiva mwanasikana wehanzvadzi yake?”

Another relative told H-Metro that the person engaged by Stan, to be the middleman at the lobola ceremony, was the one who exposed the marriage plans and claimed Charity’s parents, who are based in Masvingo, have given the union their blessing.

“The middle person (munyai) of the ‘unholy’ partner is the one who exposed the incestuous relationship.

“Charity’s parents had agreed, maybe, they wanted the payment of lobola to be done secretly.

“Word went around family members and Stan and Charity are the topical story among both families.

Hanzvadzi dza Stan dzinoti Mai Mutsvanga vanogara kuChegutu naChristine ari kuUK, ndovakufambira nyaya dzacho,” said the relative.

Audio conversations and messages posted on the family group are in the hands of H-Metro. Stan and Charity could not be reached for their side of the story.


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