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Thomas Mapfumo Warns Chivayo


Renowned musician Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo has purportedly addressed accusations asserting that he has accepted the proposition of a residence and a car from entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo.

In recent weeks, speculations circulated suggesting that Thomas Mapfumo had indeed acceded to Chivayo’s offer, notwithstanding prior rejections. Chivayo allegedly asserted that musician Thomas Mapfumo sought a meeting by coordinating with him through Simba Chikanza from Zimeye.

Mapfumo refuted these claims via a social media platform, purportedly facilitated by Gerrard Anko Ged Belts.

Allegedly, Mapfumo recorded an audio message directed at Wicknell, cautioning him to desist from involving him in his affairs and refrain from mentioning his name.

“leave me be, refrain from referencing my name, and please exclude me from your business affairs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mapfumo previously rebuffed an offer comprising a luxurious vehicle valued at US$200,000 and a residential property worth US$300,000 from Chivayo.

Known for his unwavering principles, Mapfumo dismissed the allegations, affirming his imperviousness to bribery.

During an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio on Monday, March 18, Mapfumo expressed surprise at receiving a call from Chivayo before retiring for the night on Sunday.

“Yes I know he likes my music. He called me before I went to bed and told me he was in New York on a visit. I asked him how his family was and that was that,” he said.Social media reacts


Nothing unusual about him.
He is erroneously associated with the liberation war,no the opposite is true . He sang for Muzorewa at ZIGOs campaign rally in 1980.
His songs Bhutsu mutatarika & vanotumira vana kuhondo were used during base bombing raids
Mudzakutsaku,no principle

Houston Austin Muzamhindo
As I expected.


Asingade ane Asingade…..muto wekamba imwayi henyu asi mushandisa hari dzangu

???????? Zimbo Citizen????????

Handidi zvangu kutaura newe handidi zvangu ????????????

Cosmo Chingwa

Nothing has been said by this old madala he is begging for the gift but in an old fashioned shy way. If truly he was the big baboon he must remain quite and be respectable



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