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WATCH: Video; Former Thigh Vendor Evangelica Sandie Servicing Herself Disgusts Zimbos


Evangelica Sandie has never been one to shy away from controversy, no matter how badly it taints her.

In 2022, she went wildly viral after getting stranded in Kenya. She reportedly got into a relationship with a man who lied to be Kenyan when he was from Sierra Leone. The couple dated for six months before she flew to Kenya to see her man.

While on vacation in Mombasa, an armed gang ambushed them and stole everything they had, leaving them penniless. Evangelica had to seek refuge at the Zimbabwean embassy in Nairobi. After appealing to well-wishers, people raised money for her plane ticket, and she returned to Zimbabwe.

In March this year, Evangelica Sandie was arrested for cyberbullying and harassing her married ex-lover. She leaked their racy snaps online, leading to her arrest.

While at the Charge Office in Harare, she hysterically took off her clothes and lay on her back, everything in plain sight. Officers had to whisk her away to the cells after the drama.

Over the past few months, Evangelica, who has survived by selling her body, gave her life to Christ and left the thigh vending hustle. However, life has been showing her flames recently.

Days ago, she shared a video on Facebook, crying and appealing for donations. Evangelica said she is failing to afford school fees for her daughter and begging for jobs to make ends meet.

After turning a new leaf, the slay queen and former thigh vendor is back again in the news for the wrong reasons.

A video broke the internet showing her in the bathroom. Evangelica Sandie was seemingly servicing herself in a skimpy nightdress that let her massive haunches out.

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