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Oliver Mtukudzi’s “Secret Child” Aaron Chaka Refuses To Take Free DNA Tests After Tinashe Mugabe Offered


Late maestro Oliver Mtukudzi’s “secret child” Aaron Chaka is refusing to go for free DNA tests after Tinashe Mugabe offered.

The Drama
Two weeks ago, 69-year-old Rosie Makumbe claimed that she had a secret child with Mtukudzi when she was 16. She added that he sired Aaron, in 1979, with her.

Rosie even alleged that the smash hit Hazvireve, in which Mtukudzi spoke to his son born out of wedlock, was about her son. The 69-year-old mother said she broke up with the legendary musician after he mistreated her when he got another woman. Aaron now uses his mother’s maiden surname, Chaka, as it was impossible to get a birth certificate without Mtukudzi.
As Aaron’s paternity took centre stage in the media, Tinashe Mugabe offered to do the DNA tests for free. Mugabe hosts one of the most popular shows in Zimbabwe, The DNA Show, where he helps families solve paternity problems.

However, Aaron is developing cold feet and is unwilling to take paternity tests.

He said:

“The family has already welcomed me. I will never make myself available for DNA testing, even if Tinashe Mugabe offers to do it for free. Besides, this is against our tradition. Traditionally, we did not do DNA tests; why now? Tinashe has since been warned by our elders not to meddle in our family affairs. Family elders are confident because my late father introduced me to them.

“I have long been accepted in the family and am now only focused on changing my surname. The matter is now before the High Court. With the assistance of my father’s relatives, we wrote an affidavit about my issue, and now we are waiting for the final judgment from the High Court so that my surname can be changed.”


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