Home Africa News Madzimai Emily accused Magaya of le@king her video

Madzimai Emily accused Magaya of le@king her video


Allegations have surfaced implicating Madzibaba Tapiwa, Tendai Magaya, the former boyfriend of Madzimai Emily, in the le@king of int!mate videos.

According to an audio message obtained by a source, it is claimed that Emily and Tapiwa were in a relationship but parted ways at the end of 2022 when Emily discovered that Tapiwa had been extorting money from her using his position as a prophet. The videos in question were stored on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, which Emily had given to Tapiwa after upgrading her phone.

The motive behind the le@k in 2024 has been brought into question. It is allegedly stated that Emily ended the relationship with Tapiwa upon realising she was being financially exploited and that there was no genuine affection between them. She subsequently posted a TikTok video advising women against dating prophets, which allegedly angered Madzibaba Tapiwa, believing the video was directed at him. Screenshots obtained by the source reportedly show Madzibaba receiving over $5000 USD from his lover


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