TREVOR Dongo has attributed the monumental flop of his album launch to cold weather and other big events, which were in the same vicinity.

The ladies’ man launched his seventh album, titled Seasons, before a paltry crowd at Long Cheng Amusement Park, and it was a BIG flop despite inviting big artists like Baba Harare

The album consists of 12 tracks, featuring various artists including Freeman HKD, Shinsoman, ExQ, King Shaddy, Yoz, Lizibo, Tamy Moyo, Nyasha David, Ishan, Lawd Jae and Young Gemini.

In an interview Trevor Dongo mentioned factors that led to the poor attendance, among them planning boobs.

“The reason why people didn’t show up was due to limited disposable income in the economy, location, many other events on the same day, our entry fee, the cold weather,” he said.

His last album, titled 5136 Born In Highfield, was released in September 2021.

It carried tracks such as Let Me Go and Chishamiso, just to mention a few.

Last weekend had a number of interesting events, which included Girlfest and Miss Universe Zimbabwe, just to mention a few.

Dongo took a huge gamble, which did not pay, as the city was saturated with quality entertainment events.

Judging by the line-up and video drops by fellow artists promoting the gig, one wonders how it flopped and left him counting losses.

The singer, who has been enjoying international tours in recent months, has failed to replicate the same crowd he attracts overseas.

His management team still has plenty of work to do to win the hearts of locals

Watch the video below


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