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Breaking:Suspect Who Robbed and Brutally Killed Sasko Employees in Cape Town has been Identified as a Zimbabwean.


A disturbing video capturing the lead-up to a tragic incident has surfaced online, sending shockwaves throughout Cape Town.

The footage, now viral, depicts three individuals inside a truck, seemingly employees of Sasko, engaged in routine activities before their lives took a tragic turn.

In the heart-wrenching footage, the victims can be seen counting money inside the truck, believed to be part of their delivery route.

Suddenly, assailants launch a vicious attack, robbing the driver and his colleagues in a chilling display of violence.

The incident, which unfolded during what should have been a routine workday, has left the community reeling with shock and fear.

The brutal nature of the crime, coupled with the widespread circulation of the video, has ignited outrage among residents and citizens alike.

In a recent development, authorities have identified a suspect in connection with the double murder incident.

Martin Mungayi, a Zimbabwean national, has been linked to the gruesome attack on the Sasko bread delivery truck.

According to reports, Mungayi was reportedly traveling on a bus bound for Zimbabwe at the time of identification.

Information provided by a reliable source indicates that Mungayi has a history of criminal activity, including involvement in previous robbery cases.

Notably, he has been linked to incidents such as the robbery cases in Mfuleni CAS 12/07/2022 and Mfuleni CAS 133/05/2024, among others across the province.

As authorities intensify their efforts to apprehend the suspect, the community remains on edge, grappling with the aftermath of this senseless act of violence.


The search for justice continues as residents mourn the loss of the victims and demand accountability for those responsible.


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