Video: Chikomba Villagers Catch Kidnapper Trying to Flee with Child


The man in the video has been accus3d of kidnapping a child from the ECD class at Jeche Primary School in Chikomba District. The shocking incident has left the community in sh0ck.

According to eyewitnesses, the child had been missing for several days before being found with the man in the mountains. The villagers, who had been searching for the missing child, were overjoyed when they finally received news that the child had been found safe and sound.

However, their joy was short-lived as they soon discovered that the child was being held captive by the man. The villagers quickly sprang into action, performing a citizen’s arrest on the alleged kidnapper.

The villagers then proceeded to question the man, who allegedly confessed to the crime. The details of the confession are still unclear, but it is believed that the man had been planning the kidnapping for some time.

The video ,which is below , shows a group of villagers gathered around the alleged kidnapper, who is being held captive. The villagers are seen questioning him, and some are even shouting at him, demanding answers. The child is not seen in the video, but it is believed that they were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Watch the video below


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