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Greedy friend Chitombo murdered over US$2


He murdered his stingy friend after he refused to give him US$2 from the US$23 they had received from his mother as payment for installing tapes at their homestead.

Police confirmed the brutal murder of Webster Chitombo by his friend, Washington Maphosa, following a trivial demand of a mere US$2.
Chitombo was allegedly contracted by Washington Maphosa’s mother, Mrs Annie Maphosa to fix her tapes.

Maphosa helped Chitombo to do the job. Chitombo was paid US$23 after completing the job.

Maphosa later asked for US$2 as his share for the job, but Chitombo refused to give him any penny, leading to the fracas.

The incident happened in Kwakanaka Village in Chimanimani.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka said Chitombo died upon admission at Mutambara Mission Hospital on May 26 around 8pm.

“On May 25, Webster Chitombo was contracted by Annie Maphosa from Mukotsori Village to install water tapes at her homestead. Later that day he went to her homestead and installed the tapes. Washington Maphosa assisted him to do the job.

“Ironically, Maphosa and the now late Chitombo were good friends. The two finished the job at around 4pm and they got paid. Chitombo being the one who had done most of the job kept the money. The two proceeded to Kwakanaka Business Centre for a beer drinking binge,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

He said at around 5pm, the pair proceeded to Chitima Business Centre where they met Tendai Chinonzura (25) and Richard Chinonzura (37), both from Mutakagara Village, and continued drinking beer until 9pm.

Maphosa and Chitombo later left and went home.

“On their way home, the two started quarrelling over the payment they had received for the job, with Maphosa demanding US$2 from the US$23 they had received from his mother. Chitombo refused to give him the money, and a heated argument ensued. Maphosa attacked Chitombo with stones, open hands and fists,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka said Chitombo screamed for help, but Tendai and Richard Chinonzura failed to rescue him as Maphosa pelted them with stones.

“Chitombo called for help, and Richard and Tendai rushed to the scene trying to rescue him. When they arrived, they found him lying on the ground, while Maphosa was sitting on his stomach, punching him. They both failed to help him as Maphosa stood up and armed himself with stones. He pelted Richard and Tendai with the stones. They took to their heels,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

He said Maphosa later left Chitombo lying on the ground unconscious and proceeded home.

Chitombo later woke up and went home.

On May 26, Chitombo woke up complaining of severe stomach pains. He was rushed to Mutambara Mission Hospital by Josephine Chitsiko, Richard Chinonzura and Vimbai Chitopo. He was pronounced dead later that day.

Chitopo reported the matter to the police who attended the scene, and arrested Maphosa.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka urged members of the public to find peaceful resolution to conflicts, reduce tension and avoid physical confrontation.

He said violence should never be an option. Manica Post


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