Home Africa News Ra9ing granny (76) earns 2 Plumtree men 20 years jail each

Ra9ing granny (76) earns 2 Plumtree men 20 years jail each


Two Plumtree men in their early 20s have each been slapped with 20 years imprisonment for raping a 76-year-old fellow villager.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority, the men aged 23 and 21 were convicted and sentenced by a Plumtree magistrate following the incident, that occurred on May 28.

Around midnight, the duo went to the complainant’s homestead and broke through a window into the room in which she was sleeping with her seven-year-old twin granddaughters.

They assaulted and throttled her as she fought back with the sound of the commotion awakening her granddaughters. One of the men assaulted the girls forcing them to flee from the room to their neighbour’s homestead.

The duo then took turns to rape the elderly woman with the one who raped first leaving the room while the one who remained raping the old woman then fell asleep beside her after the attack.

She then ran to the neighbour’s homestead to seek assistance. Villagers mobilised and effected a citizens’ arrest on the rapist who fell asleep in the woman’s room. A police report was made leading to the arrest of the other accused person. NewZiana via Sunday News


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