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Thabo Bester Claims ‘No Evidence’ of Crimes in Shocking Court Address


Convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester has made a bold assertion in court, claiming that there is “no evidence” he committed any crimes. Bester, who is currently serving three life sentences for rape and murder, addressed the court without legal representation. His grievances include being isolated in prison, having his telephonic legal counsel recorded, and not having access to documentation related to his past convictions.

Bester also expressed concerns about his mental health and safety, feeling unfairly targeted by the police commissioner and the correctional center. He believes that the media has tarnished his reputation without factual evidence. Interestingly, he requested to address the court while his rumored girlfriend, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, was busy meditating.

Regarding his 2022 prison escape, Bester stated that he cannot divulge certain information and does not believe it was an escape. He challenged the media’s portrayal of him as a rapist and murderer, emphasizing the lack of evidence supporting these claims.

In light of his allegations, the case involving Bester and eight others has been postponed to July 24 for another pre-trial hearing in the Free State High Court. His claims continue to raise questions about fairness, justice, and the treatment of inmates within the legal system.


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