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Watch:Jacob Zuma’s Daughter Duduzile Goes Viral Over Her Naughty Videos


Duduzile has been prominent in the media during and after the 2024 elections. She also dumped the ANC to join her father in the 6-month-old uMkhonto weSizwe. The new party shocked Mzansi after it became the third biggest party in the country with over 14% in last week’s poll.

Duduzile has been one of the faces of the MK Party. Last week, she told the media at the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) national results centre that the MK will not get into a coalition with the ANC after it failed to get a majority to govern.

Despite elections and coalitions being the most topical issue, Duduzile has also snatched trends. Somehow, people have gotten wind of her TikTok account and are having a blast.

Her account features various videos that have captured the attention of many viewers. Duduzile’s content includes glimpses into her lavish lifestyle, such as travelling in private jets, dancing in bikinis and body towels, working out, and sipping champagne.

She also participates in popular TikTok challenges, lip-syncs to trending songs, and creates voice-over videos.

In one video, Duduzile was wrapping her body with an MK cloth. She alleges that the DA and the ANC colluded with the IEC to rig elections.



Duduzile’s presence on TikTok has sparked a range of reactions:


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