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Satan!sm scare at high school in Mutoko, headmaster & teacher found de@d


A high school in Mutoko was recently engulfed in a Satanic scare when reports emerged of a student owning an unusual small bottle containing black substances. According to witnesses, during a classroom session, the girl opened the bottle, leading to her classmates feeling unusual, powerless, and confused.

The matter was escalated to the headmaster’s office, where the girl was questioned about the origin of the bottle. She claimed it belonged to her father, who works in Harare. Subsequently, her mother was summoned to the school and asked about the bottle, to which she denied any knowledge of its existence. Days later, the father was also called in but similarly disavowed any connection to the bottle.

When questioned further, the girl remained silent, only expressing her emotions through tears.

Tragically, the headmaster of the school was found de@d under mysterious circumstances. Despite being in good health, he p@ssed away shortly before his planned transfer to Harare on the 20th of June. Reportedly, he had mentioned experiencing visions of people and footsteps outside his residence every night, urging others to wake him if he failed to do so. Additionally, there were instances of his clothes disappearing from the washing line without explanation.

Adding to the unease, a teacher had d!ed in 2002 under similar mysterious circumstances. He was discovered dece@sed in his home shortly after conducting his early morning prayers.

These incidents have instilled fear within the community and among the students, with reports of eight students exhibiting strange behaviors and collapsing at the school. Many Form 4 students have opted to stay at home, expressing their terr0r and stating their intent to return only for exams due to the unsettling situation


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