Home Africa News Maphorisa ‘repossessed’ Porsche, G-Wagon from Thuli after arrest

Maphorisa ‘repossessed’ Porsche, G-Wagon from Thuli after arrest


In a shocking turn of events, DJ Maphorisa – real name – Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, has reportedly taken back the extravagant gifts he had given to his girlfriend Thulisile Phongolo.

The controversy started when Phongolo accused the DJ of assaulting her, leading to his arrest in Ma

Although he was later released on bail, the case took an unexpected twist when Thuli Phongolo decided to withdraw the charges.

While the assault case was set to reach its conclusion on Wednesday, it was postponed to the 12th of July, leaving fans on edge.
According to inside sources at SurgeZirc SA, Maphorisa was furious about the dropped charges, which prompted him to reclaim the luxurious Mercedes G Wagon and Porsche that he had gifted Phongolo.

One insider disclosed that immediately after his release from custody, DJ Maphorisa instructed a close friend to retrieve the cars he had bought for Thuli P.

It seems that in order to comply with the court and bail conditions, Maphorisa made the difficult decision to reclaim his prized possessions.

The shocking incident has left fans and followers buzzing with speculation about the state of Maphorisa and Phongolo’s relationship.
Will this turbulent episode mark the end of their romance, or is it merely a bump in the road?


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