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Supermarket Shuts Down in Fear: Deadly Spider with More Potency than Congo Dust Causes Panic


A supermarket in Austria was cleared out urgently when a highly dangerous spider was spotted on the premises.

This particular spider is no ordinary creature—it’s the Brazilian Wandering Spider, infamous for its lethal bite that not only has the power to kill but also to induce long-lasting boners.

The Penny supermarket in Krems an der Donau, situated approximately 45 miles west of Vienna, had an unexpected visitor. This black and red spider, measuring about four inches, made an unannounced appearance. Alarmed by this sighting on Tuesday, the store promptly contacted the authorities and has remained closed ever since.

What’s truly hair-raising is that the spider remains at large, despite extensive efforts to locate it within the store. Every precaution was taken, including sealing all the crates of bananas, as this notorious arachnid often stows away in shipments of the fruit.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider holds a notable distinction in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most venomous spider on the planet. Its bite can trigger not only hypothermia, blurred vision, and convulsions but also, quite remarkably, persistent erections.

Spider Kills 20 People Per Annum
Every year, a staggering 4,000 individuals fall victim to the arachnid’s venomous bite, with a small but significant 0.5 percent succumbing to its deadly effects. However, in a remarkable stride forward, extensive efforts have been made in recent times to engineer a potent anti-venom, significantly diminishing the possibility of death.

The wandering spider earns its name because it doesn’t construct webs but instead roams the jungle floor at night in search of prey.

In urban areas, these spiders frequently seek shelter in houses and cars, making them susceptible to disturbance by humans.

In 2021, taxi driver Joe Stein discovered one of these spiders in a bunch of bananas he bought from a Sainsbury’s store in West Wickham, Bromley.

Upon opening the bag, he was startled to find a two-inch ‘dark mass’ hanging from one of the fruits, and his fear escalated when he noticed it twitching.


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