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TikTok Star in Tadiwa Kissing Challenge Breaks Silence: ‘I Did Nothing Wrong, I Will Continue’


Amidst a storm of controversy surrounding the reported tragic suicide of a girl named Tadiwa, who took part in a social media kissing challenge, the man at the centre of the viral video, Archford Chidende, has finally spoken out.


The TikTok sensation, who offered Tadiwa US$5 to kiss him for a minute, vehemently denied any wrongdoing and boldly proclaimed that he intended to continue with his provocative pranks.

Defending His Actions
Archford Chidende, whose real name has now become widely known, addressed the incident and the accusations against him. He stated, “I did not do anything wrong.”

He further elaborated on his intentions, stating, “I am going to continue with my videos.”

Chidende firmly believes that his actions were not the cause of Tadiwa’s tragic decision to end her life.

A Tragic Loss and Unanswered Questions
Chidende confirmed the sad news of Tadiwa’s passing but emphasized that the motive behind her suicide remains a mystery.

He revealed, “No one knows why Tadiwa took her own life as she did not leave a suicide note of any kind to explain her drastic actions.”

This tragic loss has left many with unanswered questions and a sense of sorrow.

Tadiwa’s Final Moments
Chidende recounted Tadiwa’s demeanour after their video went viral, saying, “Tadiwa passed through his neighbourhood and appeared to be in a happy mood.”

However, he also revealed that Tadiwa was later admitted to a local health institution, allegedly due to consuming rat poison before her passing.
Police Clearance and Personal Struggles
Archford Chidende strongly asserted that the police had cleared him of any wrongdoing, after noting that the kiss had been consensual.

However, he acknowledged the public backlash he has faced, admitting, “A lot of people seem to hold me responsible for Tadiwa’s death.”

He shared his own emotional turmoil during this ordeal, disclosing, “At one point, I had considered committing suicide following the recriminations against me.”

Words of Caution for Content Creators
Despite his ongoing commitment to controversial pranks, Chidende offered counsel to fellow content creators. He urged them to exercise caution, particularly when creating videos involving physical interactions with women or girls, as such content can have unintended negative consequences.

The tragic story of Tadiwa’s suicide continues to generate conversation and debate, raising questions about the responsibility of content creators and the impact of social media challenges on vulnerable individuals.

As Archford Chidende remains unapologetic and determined to continue his pranks, the online community watches closely, demanding accountability while grappling with the complexities of the situation.

Watch Archford Chidende speaking on the viral Tadiwa Kiss Challenge and subsequent suicide


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