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Holy Ten Faces Backlash Over New Song Targeting His Baby Mama Tariro Chelsea


Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist Holy Ten has found himself at the center of controversy following the release of a new song that takes aim at his baby mama, Tariro Chelsea.

The contentious track has provoked a surge of disapproval on social media, with many condemning the lyrics as distasteful and disrespectful.

Holy Ten’s Provocative Lyrics:

In his latest release, Holy Ten appears to reference his firstborn son’s mother, implying that she deliberately trapped him with a child and suggesting that she pursued him.
Holy Ten Faces Backlash Over New Song Targeting His Baby Mama
Some of the lyrics from the song have caused a stir, particularly lines that imply a sense of regret and ridicule, generating a backlash from social media users for what they perceive as disrespectful content.

Tariro Chelsea

Social Media Uproar:

The song has ignited a storm of criticism on social media, with numerous users expressing their dismay over Holy Ten’s choice to publicly target his baby mama in such a manner. Many have accused the artist of seeking attention through derogatory content, censuring him for what they view as an affront to the mother of his child.

The Disquieting Aftermath:

Holy Ten’s song has managed to polarize public opinion, with a sizeable portion of social media users vocal in their reproach of the artist’s lyrical content. The general sentiment from detractors is that Holy Ten’s portrayal of his personal life in the song is disrespectful and crosses the line of acceptable discourse, especially when it comes to matters involving the mother of his child.

Reactions and Reflection:

As the fallout from the song unfolds, a prevailing message of criticism resonates across social media platforms, serving as a stark reminder of the potential ramifications of public discourse and artistic expression. The controversy surrounding Holy Ten’s new release underscores the impact of art on personal relationships and the profound influence wielded by artists in shaping public perceptions and attitudes.

The aftermath of Holy Ten’s controversial song stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression and its potential consequences.

The response from the public community evokes a spirit of accountability and awareness, emphasizing the need for sensitivity and mindful expression in the realm of public discourse


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