Watch:Mzansi Express bus driver dangerously overtakes gas tanker, ongoing car


A Mzansi Express bus narrowly escaped an accident after its driver dangerously overtook a gas tanker along a narrow highway.

Mzansi Express manages a fleet that transports passengers between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The company is headquartered in South Africa, although it is owned by Zimbabwean Cabangani Dylan Mangena.

A video is trending online showing a Mzansi Express bus dicing with d3ath in Zimbabwe. The incident occurred close to Lundi in Masvingo.

The bus driver ferrying passengers was highly charged, and he was speeding. This was despite the fact that he was travelling on a single-lane road.

In front of him was a gas tanker that he wanted to overtake. However, the truck would not allow him to pass.

The reckless bus driver then encroached the other lane to overtake despite an oncoming car approaching. People shooting the video expressed shock, assuming they were about to witness an accident.

The Mzansi Express driver then drove out of the road from the oncoming lane before going back. He then drove back onto the lane, not his, even though another car was nearby. The small car driver had to engage his brakes and inch out of his lane.

The bus driver then sharply turned in front of the gas tanker to block its way. He then stopped the bus and forced the tanker to halt. Watch the gritty video below.

Zimbos expressed shock at the near-tragic incident online.

“He needs to be reported.”

“Take both the truck and the bus drivers’ licences.”

“??? muchati vanhu vaku driver ivo vachitotamba Euro Trucks zvavo jealous down.”

“And all the 70+ passengers won’t stop the driver.”

“?amana kaaa
Watch the video below


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